The Studio 360 Cross Training program strips fitness down to its most fundamental components. In other words, our program keeps it simple and does not include any unnecessary workouts or exercises. This program achieves outstanding results using a minimalist approach. We focus on creating a body that functions as efficiently as a machine with each muscle group-working together to achieve maximum output. By doing this you get the results you want with no wasted time or effort. Don't get caught up in the hype, gimmicks and dogma. We stick to the basics and use what works.

Our bodies are masters at getting used to things. We are made to adapt. With that in mind, we designed our workouts to constantly challenge you. As soon as you think you've gotten used to it, we switch it up, thus never allowing your body to plateau. This program, along with a clean eating lifestyle will improve your overall cardiovascular conditioning and body composition. This means you'll be in kick ass shape and look amazing!



Personal Training by Appointment

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Cross Training

$49.00: 1 day a week
$99.00: 3 day a week
$149.00 +99.00: (Unlimited) Per add on